Thomas David Wright:


In this web page, we introduce Thomas David Wright; nerd, academic, open-source enthusiast.

For the sake of brevity, we omit any mention of "Tom": for the cyclist, photographer and music-lover, we refer the reader to the links contained within the final section of this web page.


I study how visually impaired people interact with technology. I am based at the University of Sussex and am superivised by Graham McAllister & Jamie Ward


I use CakePHP to produce internet applications. These include a collection of Facebook applications for a variety of clients and (more recently) a platform for deploying video based psychology experiments on the web.

I use C# and the .net framework to develop desktop applications. My current focus is on an open-source sensory substitution research tool. (Polyglot Framework on Github.)


I am the technical director of Radio Free Brighton. My responsibilities include reliable streaming 24/7 (which we achieve with Liquidsoap and Icecast), our web presence (LAMP stack with Wordpress, PHPBB3 and Mediawiki) and user management (openLDAP).

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